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Can Certified Doulas really help decrease the rise of Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates in the US?

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

The answer is, "Yes!"

In the United States alone, Mother and Infant Mortality Rates are on the rise.

-World Health Organization

( The U.S. maternal

mortality rate had more than doubled from 10.3 per 100,000 live births in 1991 to 23.8 in 2014.Over 700 women a year die of complications related to pregnancy each year in the United States, and two-thirds of those deaths are preventable.

Fifty thousand women suffer from life-threatening complications of pregnancy.

A report from the Commonwealth Fund released in December of 2018 found American women have the most significant risk of dying from pregnancy complications among 11 high-income countries. Well known celebrities like Serena Williams and Beyonce have also shared their stories of the complications that they experienced through pregnancy.

Even more astounding is that Black women are three to four times more likely to die in childbirth than white women — regardless of education, income, or any other socio-economic factors.

In a study by the Harvard Business Review over the last 30 years around the world, Maternal Mortality rates have decreased, but unfortunately, this has been the opposite in the United States.

Because of statistics like these, there has become overwhelming importance and increased

need for Certified Doulas.

Let’s face it the role of a mother can be defined in so many different ways.

A mother loves even before she holds her precious child in her arms, nurtures, and cares she is patient kind and a child's first teacher. It seems as if a mother is expected to have all of the answers all the time as if she is clairvoyant somehow exhibiting supernatural abilities from beyond.

The truth is it isn't easy being a mother. From the first time you realize that you are

pregnant whatever decisions you make from what you eat, where you work and what you do

now not only affects you but also will affect your child. Research has shown that skilled care

before, during, and after childbirth makes a significant difference in Maternal and Infant Mortality rates.

Certified Doulas can make a difference in significantly decreasing these unnecessary deaths.

To understand how a Certified Doula can make a difference and the importance of one, you

must first understand what a Doula is and the different types.

What is a Certified DOULA?

A Certified Doula is a person who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to an expectant mother during her pregnancy and childbirth.

Types of Doulas:

A Labor Doula or Birth Doula provides support and encouragement to birthing mothers and

helps them stay comfortable throughout their pregnancy journey and birthing process.

A Postpartum Doula provides assistance and support to new mothers and their families in the days, weeks, and months after the baby is born.

Studies have shown that when a Doula was used and valued as part of the pregnancy team,

there were significant reductions in maternal and infant mortality rates as well as fewer

complications during the pregnancy experience, labor, and post-delivery.

See some informational statistics below:

The March of Dimes released a July 2018 Position Statement on Maternal Mortality and

Morbidity, supporting increased access to doula care as one tool to help improve birth outcomes and reduce the higher rates of maternal morbidity and mortality among women of color in the United States.

The March of Dimes advocates for all payers to provide coverage for Doula services.

Click Here to view Article.

Marshall Claus, MD -World-renowned Neonatologist, Pediatric Teacher and Researcher

studied over 5000 women located in the United States in comparisons of with and without Labor Support found that with women that had Labor support there was a 50% drop in Caesarean Sections a 25% drop in the length of Labor. 40% need for Augmentation with oxytocin 30% drop in the need for pain medicine 40% drop in the use of forceps and a 60% drop in requests for epidurals.

It is because of studies and statistics like these that Medical Insurance companies have started to cover the cost of having a Certified Doula realizing the importance of having one.

To be a Certified Doula makes you a special person that helps to provide physical support and a sense of peace and calm during times of uncertainty throughout an expectant mothers

trimesters until post-delivery. Certified Doulas can even help with the organization of

appointments and make sure that a mother is asking all of the important questions that she

wants and needs to know that is so often forgotten about during doctors visits. Many times a

Certified Doula becomes an extended part of the mother's family, not only providing emotional support to the mother but also providing support to the mothers loved ones who surround them.

Want to become a Certified Doula? Learn how on Saturday, September 21st, 11-3 pm.

Mothers Pearls offers a Certified Doula training program "Our program begins with a

hands-on workshop with a Mother’s Pearls approved Certified Doula Trainer, during which

Doulas will learn labor comfort techniques and communication skills, as well as about the role and scope of practice as a doula." Register Today Click here now >>>> to register for our FREE Pre- Certification Essentials Workshop on Saturday, September 21st from 11-3pm. Here you will learn the steps on how to become a Certified Doula and have any questions that you may have on becoming one. Refreshments, Gifts and a Special Raffles will be held. You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn more about this rewarding career.

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