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Mother's Pearls Doula Program

Due to the restrictions of social distancing related to the Corona Virus, Mother's Pearls has a new Doula Training Program.

The new Mother's Pearls Doula Training program involves 100% online training.


  • All training will be provided by experience Labor & Delivery nurses.

  • During virtual learning, guest speakers will attend to provide their area of expertise in Maternal - Child Heath.

  • Team and individual skill evaluations will be provided virtually.

  • After completing the Mother's Pearls Doula Training Program students will become a Certified Labor Doula or/and a Certified Mothers Doula.

  • Mother's Pearls specially trained Doulas are committed to providing non-medical services to comfort and support mothers before, during and just after childbirth.

Register for your 100% virtual Doula Training Course Today.

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